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CleanLav Tabs

Multi-functional dishwasher tabs. All-in-one. Brightener and salt only required from 35 °fH (21 °dH).

Multi-functional 'All in One' dishwasher tab with 7 functions: cleaning, rinse aid, salt function, glass protection, stainless steel shine, silver protection and odour neutraliser. Number: 50 x 20 g

  • Cleaning: powerful cleaning agents reliably remove even the most stubborn residues (e.g. starch residue from pasta, rice and potatoes)
  • Rinse aid: prevents water stains and provides a gleaming finish
  • Salt function: absorbs chalk in rinsing water - prevents lime scale residues
  • Glass protection: prevents visible corrosion of glass
  • Stainless steel shine: for gleaming cutlery without polishing and tarnishing
  • Silver protection: Silver doesn't tarnish and is protected
  • Odour neutraliser: eliminates unpleasant odours


Remove protective foil and place tab in dispenser compartment of the dishwasher and not in cutlery rack.
Tabs are not recommended for short programs as they may not completely dissolve during the short washing phase.
Perfect results even if the salt and rinse aid warning lights are on.
Salt and rinse aid should be added with water hardness over 35°fH (>21°dH).


1 tablet per washing cycle. Remove foil and place tab in dispenser compartment.
In case of very hard water (> 35°fH): CleanLav tabs + rinse aid + regenerating salt.

Important information

Remove larger items of food waste before placing in dishwasher.
The manufacturer accepts no liability for any damage resulting from the inappropriate use of this product.

Technical information

Appearance: rectangular 3-phase tablets
Weight/tab: 20 g
pH value (1% solution): 10-11
Contents: bleaching agent, non-ionic surfactants, complexing agent, enzymes, scents


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50 pieces per package

6 x 50 pieces


 Article no. refers to the individual container. (Bottle, canister, bucket, can, barrel, cubitainer)


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