CleanTEX 26
  • CleanTEX 26

CleanTEX 26

Fabric softener. Pleasantly scented fabric conditioner which makes the laundry soft, cuddlesome and non-slip. Especially suitable for terrycloth and bed linen.

Fabric conditioner with a light and pleasant fragrance. Leaves laundry soft and manageable, making ironing and folding easier. Contains antistatic agents.

Application areas

Ideal for terrycloth, bed linen and delicate items.
Suitable for machines with automated and manual dosing systems.


Depending on the laundry fabrics and the subsequent drying method:

Terrycloth, pure cotton: 10 - 12 ml per kg dry laundry
Mixed fibres, synthetics: 7 - 9 ml per kg dry laundry
Drying in a tumble dryer: 2 - 4 ml per kg dry laundry

Instructions for use

Add to the final rinse cycle

Special advice

Not suitable for microfibre cloths or silk. Do not apply undiluted to laundry items!
The manufacturer declines all responsibility for damages from improper product use.

Technical information
Storage stability: at least 2 years
pH: concentrate: 4 - 5
Ingredients: surface-active substances, surfactants, fragrances, colourants, preservatives


Art. No.


Carton à

Pallet à


10l – Canister


60 Canister

 Article no. refers to the individual container. (Bottle, canister, bucket, can, barrel, cubitainer)


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