CleanTEX 20
  • CleanTEX 20

CleanTEX 20

Heavy duty detergent with active bleaching system up to 95°C. Heavy duty detergent for all washing machines and washing temperatures. Optimum washing and bleaching properties from as low as 40 °C. Contains bleaching agents and optical brighteners.

Temperature range

30 – 95°C

Applications and properties

  •  Soap-based multi-purpose laundry detergent for all washing machines and washing temperatures
  •  Suitable for water hardness levels up to 35 °fH
  •  Gentle stain removal
  •  Cleans and cares impeccably
  •  Optimum washing and bleaching properties from temperatures as low as 40°C
  •  Contains bleaching agents and optical brighteners
  •  Suitable for all combination washing methods

Product declaration

Anionic and non-anionic detergents, soap, water softeners (Zeolith A, NTA, carboxylate), bleach, bleach activator, alkaline detergents, neutral salts, optical brighteners, enzymes, fibre protectants, anti-redeposition agents, fragrance

Bulk weight: 550 g/litre +/- 50 g
pH (1%) 10.5

Instructions for use

CleanTEX 20 all-purpose detergent is suitable for pre-wash and main wash cycles and for use as a pure detergent.
A bleaching effect is achieved at temperatures above 40°C.

Dosage guide

(g per kg dry laundry)

Water hardness level Moderately soiled laundry Heavily soiled laundry
0-15°fH Approx. 11 Approx. 22
15-25°fH Approx. 22 Approx. 28
over 25°fH Approx. 28 Approx. 39

General information

We recommend the use of a water softener for hardness levels above 35°fH.
The amount of CleanTEX 20 all-purpose detergent can be reduced in proportion to the amount of water softener added to the wash.


Store in a cool, dry place
Sales unit: Paper bag, 25 kg


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25kg – Bag


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 Article no. refers to the individual container. (Bottle, canister, bucket, can, barrel, cubitainer)


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