CleanTEX 30
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CleanTEX 30

Light duty and wool-wash detergent up to 40°C. Gently and thoroughly washes wool, silk and all fine fabrics. For washing in machines and by hand, without bleaching agents or optical brighteners. With a pleasant fragrance.

Gently and thoroughly washes wool, silk and all delicate items
For machine and hand washing
Without bleaching agents or optical brighteners
Pleasant fragrance

Instructions for use

CleanTEX 30 laundry detergent for delicate and wool items is suitable for pre-wash and main wash cycles and as a pure detergent for delicates. Preferred temperature range: From cold to 40°C; can also be used at temperatures up to 60°C depending on the fabric type. Not suitable for washing temperatures above 60°C.


Guide dosage for 5kg dry laundry

Water hardness level Moderately soiled laundry Heavily soiled laundry
0-15°fH 150 ml 150 ml
15-25°fH 200 ml 200 ml
over 25°fH 250 ml 300 ml

Special advice

The dosage can be reduced by approx. 1/3 for the main wash cycle after pre-washing.
Always follow the textile manufacturer’s care instructions.
The manufacturer declines all responsibility for damages from improper product use.

Technical information

Storage stability: at least 2 years
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place
pH-value: 1% solution: 10.5
Ingredients: Anionic and non-anionic detergents, soap, water softener, alkaline detergents, neutral salts, fibre protectants, fragrances


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 Article no. refers to the individual container. (Bottle, canister, bucket, can, barrel, cubitainer)


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